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Apart from providing treatment at the clinic, we also take our services to the patients who are too ill to come to the clinic. We send our doctors and nurses to them.


We regularly carry out vaccination and immunization programs in the settlement. We also welcome on many occasions national and international medical teams to our clinic.


During natural disasters we set up medical relief camps.


During the TSUNAMI catastrophe in early 2005, which claimed millions of lives and destroyed properties worth billions. Soon after the TSUNAMI there was a fear that some epidemic may arise in the areas affected. We sent a medical team comprising of two doctors and five paramedics to provide medical relief and aid to the victims under the district of Nagapattinam in the State of Tamil Nadu , INDIA . They were given medicines, treatment, dressing and most importantly the spirit of brotherhood in their times of utter distress and despair.


We have also organized a free medical camp for the entire duration of the KALACHAKRA INITIATION by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in January 2006 at Amravati under the district of Guntur in the state of Andhra Pradesh INDIA . Thousands of pilgrims came from Tibet , the trans-Himalayan belt and rest of the world to attend the initiation. Since the majority were not adapted to the climate of the southern part of India and the duration of the teachings were long, we felt many would face health complications. We were happy to set up a medical post for their benefit and welfare.


In August 2007, we set up a free medical post during the Tibetan Peoples’ Movement held in New Delhi , the capital of India .


In the month of March 2008, we sent a medical team to provide medical aid to the six hundred Buddhist monks who took to the streets of Mumbai in support and solidarity with the Tibetans in Tibet . We also sent our Ambulance for peace march from Dharamsala to Tibet border during March 2008.





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