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An Appeal


The running of the clinic confronts us with a constant need for financial funds to pay for the allopathic medicines, laboratory supplies and equipments as well as the remuneration of the eight salaried employees.


In our endeavour some like-minded individuals support us. It is because of their support and aid that we could do so much not only for the Tibetan refugees but also for the local Indians. The fact that they come to us with great hopes and expectations for the treatment of their diseases motivate us to do more. It is no doubt a great privilege to be able to help others in need but it is also a great responsibility. And we intend to fulfil this responsibility with your help and support.


If you are person with a compassionate heart with a deep wish to do something for the Tibetan refugees but don’t know from where to start, look no further, wait no longer, this is the time to act. We bring you the opportunity to realize your wish. Support us and together we can do a lot for their welfare and make a lasting impact on their health and well being.


You could sponsor medicines; equipments or make a donation towards the general maintenance fund of the clinic or sponsor an employee’s salary.


If you need any information about the clinic, or if you want to know how to help us in our efforts or how to send donations, please contact us on our address:





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