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Tibetan Healing Arts Tour – 2009

Gajang Medical Society is the health initiative of Gaden Jangtse Monastery.

 The Gajang Medical Society is honored to have the opportunity to bring a unique Tibetan Healing Arts Tour to Europe from 26th August to 20th November 2009. It is unique and special in the sense that never in the history such a tour with multifarious pieces of Tibetan sacred art, tradition of divination (MO) and traditional system of healing has been offered at a single time.

 In 2009 seven monks from Gaden Jangtse Monastery, all trained in the sacred Tibetan Buddhist art forms, will be touring Europe on their Tibetan Healing Arts Tour – 2009. The monks would be assisted by two lay interpreters. One lay Tibetan traditional doctor would be available for consultation and healing during the events.

 The tour is expected to cover Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

 The tour features a variety of events for people of all ages and abilities, include constructing Sacred Sand Mandalas, performing the traditional Tibetan Cham Dances, Tantric Chanting, doing Divination (MO) to invoke divine interpretation of your problems and their solutions, Dharma talks for those interested in learning about Tibetan Buddhism and a chance to consult a qualified Tibetan traditional doctor for all your ailments and an educational slideshow featuring images of the Gaden Jangtse Monastery and the Gajang Medical Society with a running commentary.

 The proceeds from the tour will go to fund the activities of the Gajang Medical Society in general and the following two aims in particular:

1.             To create a Capital Fund for the Society.

2.             To raise enough funds to offer scholarship to some Tibetan students to pursue studies in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing.

 While in the tour the monks hope to visit educational institutions, local businesses, libraries, medical facilities, service organizations, city government affiliates and programs, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other organizations interested in hosting these community events. They are particularly interested in participating in community events involving children, the elderly, refugees, and other groups or individuals who would not normally have access to this kind of program.

 Feel free to pick and choose which items you would like to present in your area. We are very happy and grateful to be able to share the Tibetan Buddhist experience with you and to give you and your organization a glimpse of this beautiful culture.

 To know more about the tour or the possibility to host an event in your city, please contact the following:

 For Poland: Donata Trapkowska, phone no. +48 788 176 990,

For Germany, Switzerland and Austria: Tom Kropiwnicki, phone no. +43 664 164 3327,





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